Intimate Session // Johannesburg, South Africa

a long distance relationship, coinciding layovers in Joburg, and an airbnb all came together to create this intimate session.

lauren is a fellow peace corps volunteer and a dear friend. she knew she wanted to plan something special for her boyfriend, CJ, who would be coming to visit Swaziland, and i was totally down to document an intimate space for these reunited lovers. our layovers in joburg just so happened to be on the same day, so we booked an airbnb and made it happen.

let me tell you, i love sessions like this. being outside surrounded by beautiful scenery is great, but there’s something so different and so special about being in a home, alone, with the one you love (and me photographing….and probably beyonce on the speakers…. i swear its not weird).

stay tuned for the next part of their session, where we took on the maboneng precinct (such a cool part of joburg) and stumbled upon random art installations.

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